Honoring Transition

We launched into spring kind of quickly this year.  In the Washington DC area it seemed as though we jumped from winter straight to summer, then we bumped around all spring going from warm sunny days to wet soggy days to downright cold days .. then into warmth and back to cold and now finally – it’s summer! Or is it?

We are blessed in this area to have seasonal transitions and I love them!   I love the change in weather, the change in the plants from bare to green to blooming – I even love the fact that I get to take out “new” clothes and put away the ones I won’t be needing for awhile .. there is excitement and energy in the air, the promise of new adventures on the horizon and it’s so exciting.

So why am I so tired???

Transition is a good thing, it’s a part of life.  We experience it in the change of the seasons, the change within our families and the change in our bodies as we progress through life.  Transition is also a stressful thing – even in the best of circumstances, transition from one thing to another involves accommodation and flexibility and some getting used to,  all of which is somewhat stressful … and exhausting.

So what to do?

First we must acknowledge and honor the transition.  We must be grateful to what is leaving, the season, the relationship, our youth … whether it’s been joyful or  painful or difficult or all of the above, we must acknowledge and be thankful for the progress we have made and for the growth we experienced – if we haven’t moved forward at all, we are accepting of that and we are kind to ourselves acknowledging that we must have needed the break.

  • Maybe journal about the recent past noting the successes, the struggles and the growth, always thanking God for the gift of this beautiful life and all of the experiences herein.

Then, we slow down for a short while and rest allowing the transition to set in.  Like Savassana at the end of a vigorous yoga practice, we let the postures of our recent past settle in as we prepare for the next phase of our day or life. We allow the new season or state of being to take up residence into our lives and we take care to take extra care of ourselves – we allow more time for meditation, we pamper ourselves more,  we commit less and we allow more time for sleep and just being in this new space.

  • Maybe we take some time to make and apply a yummy body mask, wrap up in a towel or soft sheet and  then sit still to listen to the still small voice that always guides us – that Source of Love that shows us how perfect and loved we are.  (body mask recipe from Living Without:  mix in blender or food processor to a smooth paste: 2 cups loosely packed spinach, 1/2 cup mushrooms, 1/2 cup fresh parsley, 2 tablespoons all-natural white clay, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar – spread over entire body, wrap up and sit and relax for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and then massage a light oil or your favorite moisturizer into your skin – yum!)

Finally we embrace the new and launch into action with renewed energy.  We acknowledge that life is an adventure and we are excited to see what it will bring.  We know that whatever is on the horizon we can face it head on with peace and serenity and joy and grace.

  • Maybe we set some goals for the next few months, engage a friend to support us in our endeavors and we support them in return, we perhaps create a vision board: cut out pictures of what we want to accomplish and place it in a prominent place in our home. Perhaps now is the time to  start an accountability group or engage a coach.

We love this new phase of life  - it is such a gift!


  1. DeWayne Leslie says:

    Very inspirational. Summer has given me renewed energy to face new phases in my own life. Looking forward to letting go of the past and moving to a brighter future. Thanks for your insight and support.

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