Addition by Subtraction

I love this concept… if you want more out of life, you’ve got to make room for it. If the space for whatever it is you want is occupied by something else that isn’t working, there’s no place for the new thing to go -the flip side is that if you want to attract something to you and you create the space for it, it will come. Once you get this and can let go of the “space takers” it is amazing how quickly you will attract all of the things you desire.

Do you:

  • Want a wonderful partner and great friends to share your life with? Then get rid of all of the relationships in your life that are dragging you down -consciously decide to eliminate negative, abusive or dependent people from your life.
  • Want more peace and serenity? Then eliminate stress, worry and doubt from your thoughts -replace them instead with good goals, plans of action and positive affirmation.
  • Want a wardrobe full of clothes you feel fabulous in? Then clean out and organize your closet – either donate the clothes that you don’t like or don’t fit or get them altered.
  • Want more free time? Then learn to say no to activities you don’t really enjoy or aren’t consistent with your primary goals. Get rid of the tolerances that suck up your time -make sure things are put away when you are done with them so you don’t waste time looking for them the next time you need them. Keep things properly maintained -it takes more time to repair than to maintain. Take the time to organize your schedule ahead of time.
  • Want more energy? Then get rid of the activities, people or events that drain your energy -you know what and who they are… it’s OK to stick up for yourself, the people who are really important to you will appreciate you for it.
  • Want more money? Then organize your finances -get Quicken and get on a budget. Know your financial situation. Cut unnecessary expenses from your budget. Buy only what you need. Donate to a charity. Get rid of high interest credit cards.

These are just a few ideas to help you understand the concept and I do understand that a lot of this is easier written than done. Start with the little tolerances, the ones that are easiest to eliminate. Get a coach or a friend to support you and hold you accountable. This is so worth it! I have learned in my own life that when I clear out and organize my thoughts, my living environment, my relationships and life AND have a list of good goals and intentions, the space that is left behind is filled with good things and life is joyful.

Get started  having more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want now – pick one thing to eliminate today! Addition by Subtraction -the new math!



  1. Lee-
    I love this article. I started living my life based on cleaning out the clutter that was choking me and have found that wonderful things started happening-almost instantly! The best point I have shared with others is to learn to be completely selfish in your life. By doing this, you will benefit others tenfold. Similar to giving yourself oxygen first and then to someone else if the pane cabin loses pressure-you are no good helping others if you cannot breathe!
    I learned how to breathe and now am helping so many others in doing the same thing. So, be selfish, and all will benefit!
    Amy Zydel

  2. You get it! We are taught to be “self-less” and it serves no one, especially not ourselves… it takes guts, but being self-ful (or selfish) ends up being the best thing we could ever do for everyone in our lives -the ones that don’t agree need to go! :)

  3. Awesomeness – It seems as if I’ve been learning the same things this year and intend on moving forward in my convictions, shine in the presents of my imperfections and stand tall and true!

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