Get a Life – Step 1: Write it Down and Make it Happen!

I  call it your  Ultimate Scenario and every one of my clients completes one before we do anything else.  I’m currently writing a business building training program for Realtors and every Realtor in the class will complete one before we move on to next steps.

Whether setting a business goal or a personal goal, the best place to start is at the end!  Sounds weird, but it’s not. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know how to get there?   You wouldn’t jump in your car to go on vacation if you didn’t know exactly where you wanted to go.  Chances are way before even getting in the car, at some point you would have decided exactly what kind of vacation you wanted.  You would know what kind of weather you wanted to enjoy, the type of accomodations, the kind of food you would eat, who you would go with, whether you would go to relax or sightsee or maybe hike and get fit –you would have a clear image in your mind and THEN you would start making plans and arrangements, which would probably include researching possible locations, choosing one, mapping out the way to get there and then when all was set, getting in the car and driving.

Research shows that the most successful business people have a clearly defined, written and articulated, vision of where they are headed.   I call it an Ultimate Scenario. Your Ultimate Scenario is simply the written-out version of  your ultimate life, where you would like to be if everything were perfect and there were no limits.  In an Ultimate Scenario,  there are no judgements or limitations,  if anything were possible (and it is), what would your life look like?  Where will you live, what will your environment look like, who will be living with you, what will your relationship be like, what will you be doing for a living, how much money will you make and save, how many hours will you work, what kind of leisure time will you have?  It’s a clear visual of your ideal life. 

What we know is that when you have a clear picture of where you are headed, your chances of success increase, and when you have a clearly written version of your Ultimate Scenario, your success rate increases exponentially and finally, if you share your Ultimate Scenario with at least one person you trust to be supportive, you are virtually unstoppable!

You can write an Ultimate Scenario for any goal you ever come up with (and for any time frame) and I recommend you do that, but for now, step one in my Get a Life process is to describe what you want your your life to look like just 3 years from now.  These days with the state of the economy and the uncertainty we are surrounded with, 3 years is about as far out as most can look.  Take your time with this, use descriptive writing – the idea is to create the visual for yourself, almost as thought you’re describing a daydream, in fact, if you can set some time aside and really daydream about your  ideal life it will be a lot easier to write.   The more you can pull yourself into the visual the better.    If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction, you know that the more you focus on  the vision of what you want, the more you can see, feel, taste and smell it, the easier it is to manifest – if you aren’t a believer, the excersise is still valuable, the more descriptive your Ultimate Scenario, the more it will serve as a tool to help you make decisions in the future and to keep you on track.  In my business and in all of my endeavors, I base every decision on whether or not the outcome will be consistent with my Ultimate Scenario.  At specific intervals I  take a look and check to see if I am on track to achieving my Ultimare Scenario, it all always comes back to the vision of where I am headed.  Just today I pulled mine out, I had made some big decisions recently and needed to check to see if I am still on track – and I am.  On track and moving fast!  :)


  • When writing, just dump first, no limitations -no judgments. Dream big, even if you don’t believe in the exercise at this point, be bold – what can it hurt?  Let the Universe worry about the “hows and whens”
  • Be as detailed as you can be – write a story.  Write in the present tense:  I live in a beautiful cape cod on the water and I enjoy a peaceful life surrounded by my family and friends.
  • Make an appointment to share your Ultimate Scenario with someone you trust. You are not asking for feedback, you are just sharing.
  • Keep a diary, write down the synchronicities that you observe. Watch your life start to take direction and watch the Universe jump into action!  Don’t forget to give thanks along the way!

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  1. DeWayne Leslie says:

    Lee, That’s inspiring stuff !!! Keep it coming !!!! One month is too long to go with out your brilliant insights !!!

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