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Honoring Transition

We launched into spring kind of quickly this year.  In the Washington DC area it seemed as though we jumped from winter straight to summer, then we bumped around all spring going from warm sunny days to wet soggy days to downright cold days .. then into warmth and back to cold and now finally - it's summer! Or is it? We are blessed in this area to have seasonal transitions and I love them!   I love the change in weather, the change in the plants from bare to green to blooming - I even love … >> continue reading

Kicking Off a Gluten Free Lifestyle

I've had several people ask me lately for tips on going gluten free. They are overwhelmed and confused and not quite sure how to begin so let's see if I can help. A couple of good online resources for gluten free eating are and The Gluten Free Resource Directory.  If you like to cook, check out The Gluten Free Girl and for a ton of other resources check out the Top 25 Gluten Free Blogs of 2o12.  Note that gluten isn't good for anyone and if you are working on ways to feel better … >> continue reading

Addition by Subtraction

I love this concept... if you want more out of life, you've got to make room for it. If the space for whatever it is you want is occupied by something else that isn't working, there's no place for the new thing to go -the flip side is that if you want to attract something to you and you create the space for it, it will come. Once you get this and can let go of the "space takers" it is amazing how quickly you will attract all of the things you desire. Do you: Want a wonderful partner and … >> continue reading

Get a Life – Step 1: Write it Down and Make it Happen!

I  call it your  Ultimate Scenario and every one of my clients completes one before we do anything else.  I'm currently writing a business building training program for Realtors and every Realtor in the class will complete one before we move on to next steps. Whether setting a business goal or a personal goal, the best place to start is at the end!  Sounds weird, but it's not. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know how to get there?   You wouldn’t jump in your car to go on … >> continue reading

It’s Not Too Late!

Wow! It's already the 14th of January -time flies... the older I get the more meaningful that phrase becomes. Being the goal setter and planner that I am, I usually come bounding into the new year with Ultimate Scenarios and lists in hand -bring it on! This year is different... in fact, the reason I haven't posted about New Year intentions until today is because for the first time in many years I really wasn't sure what the goals were going to be. I couldn't wrap my brain around what it was I … >> continue reading